Thursday, October 19, 2006

Saturday at Attic

I haven't had a single drop for almost 3 weeks, so Jiji and i decided to drop by Attic for a chillout drink session. Got in and wah lau, Kyan made 4 of his experimental shots for me to try. And yes, let the low-alcohol tolerance Chinese boy to do shots so quickly. Good one. I was buzzed up really quickly, which is a good thing. There were some new Kyan-made cocktails to test drive too, i was smiling from back to forth. Whatever that means. Drunk la. Aiyohh... Damn nice. I likeeeeee... Hehehehehe. *siao*

The thing with being in Attic for me is i am very myself. Everyone's so friendly there, and it's not as pretentious as you might think.

And yea la, smoking goes down at the balcony, but i realise i've made friends there a lot of times, because when there's so little people out there, cramped up and under the influence of alcohol, you can't help but to mingle around. Or is that something only i do? *shameless* It's all great fun!

Jiji and i then shared a bottle of the delicious sparkling wine, Sua. It tastes like white wine and champagne. Absolutely yummy! And if it all goes well, i'll be there doing the same thing with Jiji again tonight. Man, i'm on a run! We the then sat there chatting while Kyan was setting this blog and Attic Friendster up. Go add them!

Check out my last Saturday night here!
Yay! Free plug-in for me! *grins*

Oh, if you do see me, don't be shy to say hi. I don't bite. Hard. ;)
I'm super-friendly, despite my arrogant vibe. Weeeee!

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