Friday, October 20, 2006

countdown to the weekend

hi there! my name is jiji and i will be your blogger today. today is thursday and i was feeling peckish for a drink. so kevin, farah (hot playboy playmate of the year!!) and myself made our way to theattic.

i was late because i overslept (damn nice to sleep after dinner). anyway, we came over for a bottle of sua (yum) and i ended up getting a strawberry infused cocktail named after me! (isn't that so kyan?)

we came on an interesting coz it was a singles meet. unfortunately we came late so there was no harmless flirting.

so to spend our quality time together, we fooled around with kevin's camera and pouted and posed til the wee hours of the morning. enjoy the pix!


ps see you at theattic this saturday! come on down + don't be shy.

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KinkyPugKevin said...

Give me a wookookoo shot yo!!