Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pecha Kucha Night Thanks All!

Pecha Kucha Night Thanks All!

To the wonderful people who attended Pecha Kucha on Tuesday night,
a huge thank you goes out to all!

In case you thought this was over, well, it isn't!

The KL Design Week Closing Party will take place this Saturday,
so mark that on your calendars!

The folks from KL Design Week will be showcasing highlights of the week and behind-the-scene footages of what went on to make this event such a success.
Kudos to the team!

On top of that, there will be a special interactive art project brought to you by Lee Jeans.
Apart from painting on denim boards, you also get to display your creativity and customize actual jeans which will be collected for a future exhibition.
You can make a splash, a whirlpool, a dot, whatever tickles your fancy!

Drop by and doodle for chances to win prizes!

Urban 46.7 FM will be on as usual with DJ Nick Davis at the helm.
There will a percussion group, bands and jam sessions to keep you folks on your feet.
It will also be a great opportunity to network and mingle with people from the creative industry.
Like that person who caught your eye on Pecha Kucha Night!

For all you creative cats, we're keeping things rolling with the Urban Art Initiative,
a collaboration between Urbanattic and Creative United Movement,
a programme to support, showcase and bring Malaysian artists and designers together.

Our vision is to provide a commercial platform for the creative arts community,
programmes that put Malaysian artists and designers on show.

For more info or to enter, please email:
or just visit

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