Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well it’s about time that I got a blog of my own!!! I mean even Bar that washes clothings has one :-p how can I not have one?

For this I have to thank my kind management – the talented and ever so versatile GMLlew, Lovely Gothic Rock Chick Bartender - Naz and Kyan, the Kyan, who all stayed up till 6am Monday morning (16-Oct-06) to set this up for me.

Of course I can’t forget to thank my kind contributors too, who now include alexonair (wonder what air he is on, I want some of that too), KinkyPugKevin (don’t think this guy needs any introduction on blogspot, he is famous!!! if not by reputation, by his kinkiness anyway!) & Jiji of jijiisdead (she’s so not dead, in fact she is liveliest / bubbliest person I know – esp. after downing a whole bottle of sparkling wine with Kevin!)

I would also like to thank the Blog God for creating such a wonderful thing…bla…bla…bla…

Now, I can go on and on with my Oscar-Winning Thank You speech but I think I’d better tell you guys something more interesting such as what I am hosting this week:

The first event that I am so looking forward to is this Wednesday 18-Oct-06 - Open-Mic Night, hosted by none other than our in-house maestro Llew Marsh, who brings you FOUR talented singers that we have been eagerly waiting to showcase. Kian Ming, I-Wei, Jau & Sarah who collectively have sung on and off stage overseas and locally, in choirs, musicals, karaoke lounges and in the shower. They will present 3- 4 songs each, and if you think you can out sing them, you are welcome to show your stuff at the end of their performance.

On Thursday 19-Oct-06, we will be serving up the 3rd course of MMM - Meet, Mingle & Match where you will enjoy 2 hours of games, lucky draw and the company of other singles. For those who are shy, we have the right game for you to feel comfortable, for those who are bold, the whole floor is yours and for those in the middle, just buy a drink for the one who attracts you and start MINGLING - MAKE LOVE NOT WAR

For the launch of our new kitchen, I present to you a special 3 course wine tasting dinner cooked up by our very own CHEF BOB on Friday 20-Oct -06. At a really good deal of RM75+ per, this is limited to 20 pax only, so please book early to ensure you don’t miss out. For details on the menu please check out the next blog entry titled – the attic kitchen launch.

To spice-up the festival of lights this Deepavali, Saturday 21-Oct-06, I invite you to Re-Light Your Night with our special fiery concoctions of Flaming Cocktails, Shooters and Spiced-Up Tapas.

That’s all for now folks, check the next few blog entries for further details on these events and keep a LOOK OUT for our up-coming special debut show by the LOUD, sassy, Notorious & FAR-NEE Joanne Kam Poh Poh and also our spooky, freaky, sexy Halloween Party.

See ya soon!